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tell me, what is it you plan to do
with your one wild and precious life?

take one simple step towards

creating prosperity for yourself and your loved ones,

towards living abundantly and authentically

what you can expect from me

the tarot is a powerful tool available to you, no matter who you are or what has happened in your life. with every reading, my aim is to help you uncover your life's purpose, to guide you in your experiences of love and self-acceptance, to encourage you towards spiritual expansion, and to bring you a feeling of empowerment, boundlessness and joy.

the process of working with me begins when you ask a question. if you feel unsure about how to articulate what you wish to explore, we will work together to come up with the best question for you.

my readings are guided almost solely by intuition. the messages i bring to you are channelled from a deep place of 'Knowing', and a conversation that my spirit is able to have with the potentialities of your Higher Self. i am also able to tune in to any messages from your ancestors and guides, depending on whether they wish to make themselves known.

if that all sounds incredibly cryptic and strange, don't worry! i always do my best to provide you with a reading that is clear in its message, along with suggestions on practical steps you can take to call in the life you deserve and desire.

what others say

" I felt like I was immediately understood. It’s as if Heenali literally had a first-hand view of my whole situation... Amazing! "

Marie, Ireland, who came to the cards with a question about

how best to enrich and revitalise communication with her partner

a little bit about me...

ever since i was very young, i have been able to channel messages from Spirit (people also call this Source Energy, the Universe, Consciousness and much more). i have always seen it as a great privilege to be able to cultivate my own wisdom by conveying these messages on to the people who are open to receiving them.

as a child, i used to be able to remember my past life in the Australian Outback. i held a strong knowing that i was a spirit having the specific experience of being a human called Heenali, a British Asian girl born on the 7th September 1988 in the south of England. i knew i had already lived many previous lives in different bodies, and i carried with me many fascinations, personality traits and abilities from those past lives into my current one.

one of my fascinations was with magic. i would spend many hours making 'potions', digging for sacred treasure (i found a Roman coin once), and creating fantastical stories in my head. but as i grew up, i slowly lost that connection with what had once brought me so much wonder. by the time i was in my early twenties, i had been fully reprogrammed to chase after material success, job security and seek acceptance from others in order to feel okay about myself. i got straight A grades, won awards, graduated from cambridge university and worked at internatioanlly renowned organisations. despite this, i was living with a deep feeling of lack and low self-worth. i started getting panic attacks, having nightmares and felt bouts of intense anger and frustration.

this was the state in which i came to the cards. my first ever reading was challenging but transformative and incredibly affirmative. it marked a turning point in my life. that year, i quit my job and committed to my own healing journey. i bought a tarot deck and started working on myself, stripping back all the conditionings and layers of self-doubt that had held me back from living the life of wonder i had imagined for myself as a child.

today, i provide readings for people all over the world. i love to wander and take in the beauty of the world around me, never staying in one place for too long. i also write short stories infused with magic realism and inspired by tarot cards. my latest story, 'the hole', has just been published in this anthology with creative future.

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