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thank you for booking an in-depth reading

you are now booked in for a tarot session with me. in the meantime, please feel free to contact me, should you have any questions about the session. so excited to connect and support you!

about me


i have been treading the path of integrative healing for many years, and developed my unique method of reading tarot organically, as a way to know myself more deeply and help the people i love to do the same. doing so has allowed me to go - in the span of just two years - from feeling like i had no purpose, love or means of income in my life, to building financial empowerment, and living in so much joy with my soulmate in the south of england.


i am a trauma-informed practitioner, and have delivered hundreds of readings to people all over the world. i am trained in counselling, manifestation, somatic healing and am able to communicate with spirits on the other side.


as a 4/6 manifestor in human design, i am here to live an impactful life, carving a new path to integrative healing that inspires others to find their own true essence, embodiment and authentic expression.


i so look forward to meeting you deeply and reflecting your truth and power back to you,


with love,


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