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tarot life letters

navigating the twists and turns of life becomes so much easier when we have a companion to share the journey with.


that is what tarot life letters is here to offer you - a personal tarot reader and friend.


tarot life letters includes 3 in-depth tarot readings along with contact and mini-readings in-between. the 3 readings are available for you to use at any time, to help you uncover answers on any subject. consider this your opportunity to have a tarot expert walk with you, and guide you through a pivotal period of your life.


your life letters can address a whole range of questions you might have - whether that's about love, relationships, your career, your direction in life, or any other topic that you need guidance on. there is no time limit on the 3 readings - so you are free to use them all within a few weeks or a few years, whatever you desire!


the readings are delivered by me in a personable and friendly way. consider me as a tarot expert and companion who has your back. over the course of our readings together, we will build a connection that will shift your life towards feeling more empowered, supported and seen for the powerful and beautiful human being that you are. our readings are shaped around your life, around whatever you're going through, and the specific journey that you are on.


your readings will be as unique as you are.


each reading includes:

- guidance around your question or current concerns in life by email or message. this is where we will also discuss the format you would like to receive the reading in (it is available as a letter or as a voice note letter)

- an in-depth tarot reading, delivered either as a beautifully designed digital letter (around 2000-3000 words) or as a voice note (30 minutes)

- a follow-up letter from me to check-in with you on your journey, and to talk about integration and next steps for your progression. we will be able to do a mini-reading together to explore themes further and help you on your way


these readings will become resources that you can return to over and over. they will address your specific life circumstances and also illuminate larger recurring themes in your life. they will contain actionable steps for you to take, so that you can live more joyfully.


most importantly, they will offer you a continued dialogue with the universe, and a confidential companionship that supports you and sees you, even when it feels like the rest of the world doesn't.


i cannot wait to meet you, pen friend.


always on your side,


tarot life letters

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