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 awaken deeper expressions of artistry and ancestral innovation in your brand

nurture a spiritually-rich and financially sustainable business eco-system

evolve containers that easefully book out and feel life-giving to deliver

support your community towards joyful, love-fuelled collective liberation

This is Sacred Sanctum, a business evolution collective for women of colour leaders devoted to weaving ancestral and somatic reverence into the fibres of their business, and evolving exquisitely crafted containers that book out with ease, peace and joy. An experience rich with BIPOC sisterhood, collective reimagination and artistry.


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You're a BIPOC coach or healer who...

...desires to share your sacred medicine with more BIPOC folks, and to activate a new depth of artistry, poetry and authentic story-telling in your messaging dedicated to shifting your relationship with money at a profound somatic level, so you can evolve towards your desired income goal while honouring the seasons of your body and the structural needs of your unique business eco-system deeply devoted to weaving the spirits of your ancestors and messages of collective liberation into your brand - because your business is a living, breathing testament to the chains of oppression you are breaking for your lineage

And you're ready to be part of a movement that... undoing the harms of whyte-washed practices in the coaching and healing industries - and provides the space for us to evolve our wealth identities as BIPOC leaders standing for collective liberation, together

...recognises the potency of weaving somatics, strategy and spirituality into your business eco-system, all from a decolonised lens that honours your unique body and journey as a BIPOC leader

...unwinds the story that making money must be hard for BIPOC folks, and guides you step by step into a paradigm where your desired income goal becomes a joyful, easeful and sacred reality


Love, you have a sacred power living inside you...

A mission gifted by your lineage, a deep wellspring of creative energy fuelled by our collective vision for liberation - and ancestral threads of wisdom waiting to be channelled into a brand woven with poetry, power and prosperity. The way forward is encoded into your nervous system...'s time to activate and ground it into your business eco-system and life.


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A business evolution group programme for BIPOC coaches and healers who desire to evolve their income and impact as liberation leaders through the power of nervous system wealth expansion and ancestral innovation.


Over three months, we will weave together high level business strategy and somatics, guided by the three Sacred Serpents of BIPOC Business Evolution - so you can emerge with a brand that is woven with poetry, that centres and signs BIPOC clients, that is strongly rooted in safety with money and leadership and generates your desired income goal consistently and joyfully.

A sacred space dedicated to your expansion as an artist and innovator in your industry, and the opportunity to evolve your wealth identity and business with BIPOC coaches and healers around the world as we reimagine and reweave the world together.

A journey to income and impact evolution, guided by...

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The Cobra Pathway supports you to weave poetry into your content and containers with the loving guidance of your most honourable ancestors, so that you can joyfully book out with BIPOC clients, and establish recurring revenue with a product suite you love.

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The Python Pathway supports you to expand your wealth and leadership capacity at a nervous system level. You will guided along the pathway to weaving a new income frequency into your body - and communing with it to daily to birth aligned, sustainable biz evolution.

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The Viper Pathway supports you to cultivate ease within your business eco-system, so that you can weave the story that receiving money gets to be easeful, using precise strategy and systems designed to inspire an experience of safety for you and your ideal clients.

Weave artistry into your brand, safety with money into your body, and ease into your business eco-system.


"I asked the Universe to send me a money coach who is a woman of colour, and created a sustainable business that's led with integrity and heart. Someone who uses authenticity to call in her soul clients, and not fear. And the Universe sent me sacred weaver! It has been such a transformational journey leading me to create a business that's built in my soft era with a regulated nervous system."

Client G

Let's face it...

The coaching and healing industries are suffering from a serious lack of imagination, where women of colour are hugely under-served. Most business evolution containers, which often centre white bodies, don’t have the capacity to support us in weaving our ancestral stories and poetries into our brand, or to recognise our specific money healing needs as bodies that are unweaving the harms of whyte supremacy and colonialism.

The truth is that most coaching, spiritual and healing spaces are whyte-washed - built on colonial ideologies that promote individualistic (and deeply isolating) ways of relating to money and leadership, that encourage rampant cultural appropriation and extraction from BIPOC cultures, and that are incapable of honouring the business evolution needs of BIPOC folks.

This is what I found on my own journey to generating consistent £10k sales months - a dearth of spaces that could support me as a woman of colour leader to birth a brand woven with the unique poetry of my lineage and a business eco-system that supported me to heal colonial wealth wounds and find ease with money. This is why I created Saffron.


Isn't it about time...

...we saw women of colour rising in the coaching and healing industries, instead of being appropriated?

...we were able to build financial stability from our healing gifts - wisdom passed through generations that survived enslavement, colonisation and extraction by the West?

...more money flowed into the hands of conscious women of colour, so that we can reimagine a more equitable and compassionate world together?

Love, it is your time. Let's do this.

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What you receive inside...

Biz Evolution Calls

Weekly group calls, where you will be guided through the Cobra, Python and Viper Pathways somatically and strategically. Every week, we will meet to integrate the wisdom of the Cobra, Python and Viper pathways into your business, through somatic and strategic support, and hot-seat coaching. Each week focuses on one serpent, so you can step into receiving customised support across weaving poetry into your offerings and messaging, expanding your capacity for wealth and leadership, and cultivating ease inside your business eco-system.

Fortnightly Brand Audits

You will be able to submit requests for detailed branding and messaging audits from me each fortnight, receiving comprehensive video audits where I will guide you through weaving poetry and precision into your brand and product suite.

Group Messaging Support

A dynamic and active group messaging space for the duration of the three months, where you can request nervous system support and strategic coaching from me, as well as peer feedback.

Biz Evolution Course Portal

Lifetime access to an online course portal holding somatic journeys and guidance on calibrating your body to a new income capacity, replays and business evolution playbooks.

Instant Access to Flourish

Complimentary access to my BIPOC money healing care package to support you to commune with the spirit of money, encode ancestral innovation into your body and calibrate your nervous system to a new income level. This package includes over 3 hours of masterclasses, 3 powerful money healing journeys, a 20 page financial-ancestral healing guidebook, and more!

It's time for you to rise as an ancestral innovator, artist and BIPOC leader


Saffron is my answer to everything I wish I'd known and had as a woman of colour on my way to sustainable £10k months...

I found out the hard way that most coaching spaces simply did not have the capacity to recognise me as a BIPOC body, or to support me in birthing a brand that stood for collective liberation while expanding my relationship with money. I invested thousands in coaches who taught me bland marketing strategies, and shied away from speaking about colonialism and its effect on BIPOC bodies' relationship with money.


And so, I chose to seek the answers with my ancestors instead. It was when I asked for their support through my nervous system that my brand began to evolve in magical ways...


Within months, I had booked out my high ticket offering with a paid waitlist extending over a year, expanded my income by over 2000% and doubled my community online - all while serving soulmate clients and weaving artistry into my brand with joy and ease.

My learnings from my ancestors and business journey are woven into my signature methodologies, which invite you to meet your business as an ancient woodland - and to initiate business evolution through the guidance of three sacred serpents. This is what I now lead BIPOC coaches and healers around the world to do as a Forbes award winning campaigner and coach - supporting them to cultivate brands rooted in artistry, authentic story-telling and ancestral wisdom while establishing a loving, safe relationship with money through a decolonised lens.

Frequently Asked Questions

I'm ready to evolve my business! When do we begin?

I'm so excited and honoured to support you and your sacred business love! We begin in the first week of April (exact date TBC). You'll receive access to Flourish to get started with your money healing journey as soon as you step in.

I'm in a different timezone to you. Will I be able to make the live calls?

Saffron supports BIPOC coaches and healers around the world, so I endeavour to find a time that suits everyone. If this just isn't possible, I'll be hosting two sessions per week at different times - so yes, you can be sure that the live sessions will be available for you.

I don't have a business yet. Can I still join Saffron?

Saffron is specifically designed to support BIPOC coaches and healers who have at least one offering, so it wouldn't be suitable for anyone who hasn't yet started a business. If you're desiring support in birthing your first offering, my 1:1 container BIPOC&Bountiful may be better suited to serve you. You can book a soul call to explore that option with me here.

I don't identify as BIPOC. Can I join?

Saffron is for women and non-binary people who identify as BIPOC only, and is not open to those who identify as white/ of European descent. I do consider working with people who identify as non-BIPOC on a case by case basis. If you're desiring high level support from me, my 1:1 container BIPOC&Bountiful may be better suited to serve you. You can book a soul call to explore that option with me here.

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